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THANK YOU for Voting for the 2016 Baltimore Sun Mobbies

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Last night I had the pleasure of mingling with some of Baltimore’s most creative folks at the new Diamondback Brewery in Locust Point, Baltimore. It was a celebration of Baltimore’s online community, originally named “Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs,” but more widely known as “The Mobbies.” I was super excited to have won “Best Use of Photo.” A huge THANK YOU to those who nominated and voted for me!

Baltimore Sun Mobbies Our Endless Adventure 2016

My Emoji Award and Me

I will be the first to admit that while I am not the best photographer on that list, that is the beauty of photography, there is so much room to learn and lots of space to find your own style. Also, as the name of the category hints to, there are so many ways you can use photography. For me, it has always been a goal to use my photography and blog as a way to share new places, awesome local businesses, and the beautiful little details in life. All in hopes that I can inspire others to get out there and create their own adventures.

Also, it has been awesome to watch the creative community grow over the past few years. This is due to many things, but I personally want to shout out to @TheBmoreCreatives, Rising Tide Society, and Creative Mornings. While at times peaceful and empowering, it can be also be lonely and disheartening to be working alone and these groups have truly brought together communities online and IRL.

Baltimore Sun Mobbies Our Endless Adventure 2016

Photograph by Steve Ruark from the Baltimore Sun

In the spirit of community over competition, here are some of my favorites that you should be keeping an eye on, in no particular order (and not even scraping the surface of awesomeness that Baltimore has to offer):

Considering I took a leap of faith a couple months ago and charted a new path for my career, it truly means the world to have the support of my friends, family, and all the creative people I continue to have the pleasure of meeting around Baltimore and on my travels. Thanks again!

Much Love,



I Quit My Job, Now What?

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Yes, you read correctly, I have quit my full-time job and as you may have noticed, started this new blog. Hello blog post #1 of Our Endless Adventure. I have to confess, I’m super excited AND super nervous. If you were wondering how I got here and what this means for you, I invite you to keep on reading.

Obligatory Background Story

In 2008, my now husband and I put our stuff into storage and drove cross country for a month. We quickly learned that not only could our relationship survive a month living out of a 1995 Lincoln Continental that his Granddad lent us, but we also learned that we loved traveling together, discovering new places, and creating our own adventures. Since then, from Mexico and Italy to Aruba and Puerto Rico, we haven’t stopped making travel a priority in our lives.

We also haven’t stopped talking about driving across the United States again because there is so much to discover here in our own country. Every time we see an airstream trailer or a VW bus, Chris can just sense my eyes lighting up and is already saying “I know” in a loving manner before I have a chance to gush. Recently, we found ourselves in the Red Rocks of Colorado, where the idea of a 2 week drive down the coast of California next year quickly turned into many what if’s… what if it was a 1 month trip? Or… 2 months across the country? Maybe it was the local greenery speaking to me, but fuck it, maybe even 3 months? I knew I couldn’t let this idea go.

I’m not going to lie, I became a bit obsessed with this idea. Chris and I have had many conversations about this idea since Colorado. Somewhere, in between a few glasses of wine on our deck, in the minutes before drifting off to sleep, and on summer evening walks with our dog, it started to become something bigger. It became something we simply had to experience again, but differently, because 21 year old me and soon to be 30 year old me would definitely do things differently (as is with most of life). It became the inspiring force behind a major shift in my career. It became a new chapter in our lives.


Our First Cross Country Roadtrip, Circa 2008

But Why?

What was driving this desire, this new found obsession to get up and drive across the country for a few months? We had talked about trying to have kids once I turned 30 (t-minus 30 days until that happens, eek), was I trying to avoid this reality? Things had been changing at work, was I no longer happy at my job? We had recently bought a house in Baltimore City, was I regretting the decision of being so committed to one place? We dug deep, we had some tough conversations, but amazing conversations that make me so grateful for my husband, my best friend. Naturally though, none of these truly answered the why. I had a bad-ass, flexible job, I love our new home, and I can’t wait to raise a family here in Maryland, but I still had this desire to just… go.

It might be that I value the sense of freedom and independence it takes to find out who I am by exploring the world. It might be because I’m scared of being trapped, financially and/or creatively. Maybe it’s because there has always been a part of me that doesn’t want to be told what to do. I respect those who can chart their own path and are different, not for the sake of being different, but because it works for them. I personally don’t want to live my life how others think I should because I want to find what works for me.

It’s also possible I simply have a serious case of FOMO. I do not want to look back and regret that I didn’t experience all of the things I want to. I know that to an extent travel will become more difficult as we have children and that it may fall to the wayside, but I am also honest with myself that my priorities will change once we have a little one to take care of. I am okay with that, in fact, I am kind of excited for when that time will come, but we are just not there yet. I also genuinely believe that in expanding my perspectives through travel, I will not only grow myself, but have the ability to be a better parent (again, when that time comes). I have to admit, I still haven’t figured it out yet, but I am thinking with a little time, some fresh perspectives, and new surroundings, I might get closer.

Or if you asked Donna from Parks & Rec, maybe it’s just the return of Saturn, we may never know.


Working hard at OrderUp, Photo Credit: Jason Palumbo

So Why Did I Quit My Job?

I’d love to say it was because I worked in some boring cubicle, handcuffed to a desk, working long hours on boring things, but I can’t. For over the past year and a half, I’ve had the pleasure of working for a company called OrderUp. From a Baltimore based startup to a recent acquisition by Groupon, I have happily lived that #orderuplife and surrounded myself with people who love food. I have taken a part in launching over 9 new markets, worked with some of the most talented people I have ever met, and have watched as OrderUp delivered happiness to many new customers (in the form of food). Prior to that, I worked for McCormick and Company, the largest spice company in the world, filled with people who are dedicated to making your food more flavorful and less boring (you might be sensing a theme… I love food). I am honored and grateful to have been able to work with so many creatively hungry people and to have done my part to help each company grow to where they are now, but it is time for my next adventure.

Now What?

In order to make things like a couple month cross-country trip in the future come true, Chris and I had to rethink our current lifestyle and figure out how we could get there. Moving forward, I plan to concentrate much of my energy on this new blog, where I will be sharing photography and stories from my travels and my day to day lifestyle. I hope that in sharing my experiences with others, I can inspire and empower others to get out and explore themselves.

I will also be pursuing marketing consulting opportunities where I can use my brand and digital marketing expertise to help businesses tell their story to their customers. As with my blog, I am passionate about sharing exciting experiences, small businesses, and connecting them to the people who want them. You can learn more about my services here.

And let’s not forget, late next summer, I will be driving cross country. Routes and timing to be determined, I’ll obviously want your recommendations and input! Between now and the great roadtrip of 2017, I will have some other adventures to share… NYC, Austin, San Diego, Portugal, Thailand, Iceland, and more.


What Does All of This Mean For You?

I will have more to post here! I will be focusing on sharing authentic experiences and stories that I encounter, as I genuinely believe that these experiences make for a more fulfilling life. I will be putting myself out there, learning to explore this ordinary world in novel and extraordinary ways. I believe we become more physically and emotionally engaged when traveling and through that, I want to find both peacefulness and exciting new energy. I want to learn more about myself and meet others unlike myself. I want to see parts of the world that have not been touched by humans, while also finding things that could have only been created by truly creative souls. And then I want to share this all with you.

I will be documenting these adventures right here on the blog, sometimes in the form of delicious spots to eat, where to find your next drink, adventures in and outside of cities, and everything colorful and creative I find along the way. In true Becky fashion, I’ll be sure to include the occasional cat photo (#sorrynotsorry). I know all of these adventures will change my perspective on life and guide where we may go from there, knowing that after all of it, I will always be grateful to come back home.

Speaking of, for my Baltimore lovers, I will always be BSinBMORE at heart. I will always be a big advocate for our hometown and will continue to share things to do around this charming city. There is so much cool shit going on around Baltimore and I continue to learn more each day as I expand outside of my network of people and meet more creative, like-minded folks. Maybe, perhaps, I’ll be able to share with others that Baltimore can be an amazing destination for their travels.

If you are down to follow along on this endless adventure, please sign up for my email newsletters, like my page on Facebook, and follow along on Instagram for daily updates. And if you are so inclined, share this blog and my pages with any like-minded souls who have an appetite for creating their own adventures.

Stay tuned for more,