As a person with a marketing degree and 10 years of branding experience, I’ve tried to focus in on the types of subjects I want pursue as a photographer. I know the importance of having a strong brand that speaks to the type of customer I want to attract. I know that it would be ideal to focus in on one “type” of photography – be it weddings, engagements, pets, headshots, businesses, newborns, etc.

But as a photographer, I can’t help but follow my heart. I want to capture all sorts of things, I go where my passion lies, I do random jobs that may not have an obvious connection. I probably confuse my potential customers, but I love capturing little slices of life, like stills from a film as a new friend recently observed.

So when one of my best friends gave birth to her newborn, Samantha, there was no doubt about capturing this time in her family’s life. Not to mention, this little human now has claim on the room that I used to rent in this very home. I remembered the sunshine through those very windows and the laughter echoing the hallways from a woman who is now a mother.

While I can only imagine the bravery it takes to bring a child into this world, the toll it takes on a woman’s body, and all of the sleepless nights, I hope that these photographs give my two dear friends a glimpse of how I see them as parents. They are strong, yet gentle. They find humor and laughter in everyday moments, especially when they need it the most. And as two people who always put others before themselves, I know this child will never doubt their love for her.






So much love,